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Mindfulness for Psychosis: Mindfulness based Approaches for Navigating Spiritual Emergency & Psychosis - September 3rd 2019

Finding Balance in a tough world

Finding Balance in a tough world

Location: Private Address, Roodt-sure-Syre, Luxembourg.

Taught by Anthony Fidler

Date : Tuesday 3rd September 19.00-21.00

This evening is open to anyone interested in exploring how Mindfulness based practices may be of use to someone experiencing serious anxiety, trauma or patterns of psychosis, however this is understood.

I welcome those currently experiencing symptoms, as well as those caring for people with issues whether as a family member of friend or as a mental health professional.

Other than MBCT for depression, there are currently no officially recognised Mindfulness courses designed for serious mental illness, but from my own experience, relatively simple practices can be life saving and provide a path to a more stable and satisfying relationship to our lives.

My intention with this workshop is to facilitate a relaxed group based exploration rather than follow a lecture format. How things go will depend on who is present. I will be happy to answer questions on my own experiences.

The class will include relevant meditation practices, focusing on deep relaxation, compassionate self awareness, acceptance of reality as it is and connection to others.

I don't want to present myself as a qualified medical specialist of any kind, other than having completed a general Mindfulness training. My interest in this topic is as an individual with deep personal experience of all of the above issues, over a twenty year period. There was no Western Mindfulness available to me at the time and so I made my own way, exploring Buddhist Vipassana, Zen and Tai Chi and they have helped enormously.

I am excited about the applications of mindfulness based work for people experiencing serious emotional, mental suffering (it was my original reason for going through the mindfulness training) and hope it will be prove useful to those attending. I expect it to act as a complement to my general Zen Mindfulness practical course.

Nb. I may need to know a little about experiencers beforehand, so we might need to chat on skype. I may request you to come along with a friend / family member. Individuals will need reasonably stability before exploring this kind of work. Thank you.


Class size: 4 people.

Workshop Fees: 30 Eur

One place is available on a 'Dana' basis for anyone on a low income.

Payment can be made by SEPA bank transfer, please contact me for details

Nb. Your payment secures your place on the course which is for a limited number of people. Refund is at our discretion and may be subject to administration fees.

Please Contact Me if you would be interested in attending. Thank you.


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