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Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch for Workplace Stress & Burnout : 12th August 2017

Taught by Anthony Fidler

Timing : Saturday 12th August : 09.30-13.30

In this Mindfulness workshop we will familiarise ourselves with the human experience of 'breaking down' also known as 'burning out' with a view to avoiding it for ourselves in the future, or helping others to avoid it, or dealing with it if you have already arrived at this state.

I will share my own experiences of burning out while at University and in employment for a London Audit Firm and a Software House allowing us to connect with the topic and explore it. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

We will then take a look at the Mindfulness understanding of Burnout along with how to avoid it in theory.

And finally we will explore some Mindfulness based practices which may be helpful:

  • Zen Mindfulness is about coming into relationship with ourselves.
  • HeartTouch (a mindfulness based touch practice) is about deepening our capacity to connect and be with others in a healthy way

Together these two sets of practices, Mindfulness & Connection can help provide a way to come back from even extreme states of stress and confusion. You don't need to understand the theory! But prevention is what we really want...

Nb. Burnout is a chronic state that has built up over time and it will take time and patience to heal, but the acute state of peak anxiety and confusion is something you can learn to deal with fairly quickly and overtime greater resilience will return as well.

Nb. Participants remain responsible for their own well-being and need to have access to a qualified counsellor if emotions come up which need care over time. Emotional release in the class itself is fine and I'm comfortable supporting this.

Nb. I am not a professional psychologist, but a qualified Mindfulness teacher with personal experience of burnout and extreme emotional states.

Course attendance will be limited to 10 People

Location: Strassen, Luxembourg

Course Booking & Payments

The fee for this course is 80 Eur

Class Fee:80 Eur

Nb. Your payment secures your place on the course which is for a limited number of people. Refund is at our discretion and may be subject to administration fees. Paypal allows card payment without signing up for a Paypal account.

Nb. I usually offer 1 place on a 'Dana' basis for anyone on a low income, which is unconditional.

Please Contact Me if you would be interested in attending. Thank you.


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