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Anthony Fidler - Langtang, Nepal

Anthony Fidler - Langtang, Nepal

My name is Anthony Fidler and I've been a serious practitioner of first Vipassana Meditation and later Zen Mindfulness since 1997.

I am a member of the Bodhisangha and disciple of Zen Master Father Ama Samy.

My personal practice and understanding of Zen and Meditation is deeply influenced by my work with Akinobu Kishi's Sei Ki over the past decade and by my Tai Chi training.

In recent years I have also trained in Mindfulness for Health with Breathworks (also known as Mindfulness based Pain and Illness Management).

Detailed Zen Mindfulness CV

I first visited Bodhizendo Zen Centre in 2009 and have made long stays there ever since, finally becoming a member of the Sangha in 2013.

Bodhizendo Zen Centre, India

  • 2018 : ~Five Weeks in residence at Bodhizendo Zen Centre, India
  • 2017 : ~Four Weeks in residence at Bodhizendo Zen Centre, India + Zen Retreat in Belgium.
  • 2016 : Zen Retreat in Belgium, Zen Retreat in Germany & Sangha Meeting
  • 2015 : ~Six Weeks in residence at Bodhizendo Zen Centre, India + Zen Retreat in Belgium.
  • 2014 : ~Two Months in residence at Bodhizendo Zen Centre, India including leading a 5 day Retreat. + Zen Retreat in Belgium
  • 2013 : ~Two Months at Bodhizendo and Zen Retreat in Czech Republic.
  • 2012 : ~Two Months in residence at Bodhizendo.
  • 2011 : Two stays of approximately two Months each at Bodhizendo.
  • 2010 : ~Two Months in residence at Bodhizendo.
  • 2009 : ~Two Months in residence at Bodhizendo

Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka

Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka was a total passion and life practice for me in my early meditation years. I immediately had a strong daily practice outside of the formal retreats and continued in a serious way until 2001.

I restarted with enthusiasm in 2012 but have now chosen to focus on Mindfulness instead along with my Zen practice.

  • July 1997 - March 2000 : I attended 16 Vipassana retreats during this period, mainly in India.
  • January 2012 - May 2013 : I attended 5 Vipassana retreats in India, Thailand, Nepal and the UK and attended 1 10 day service retreat
  • May 2017 & October 2017 : I attended 2 further Vipassana retreats in the lineage of Mother Sayamagyi

Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Training

I enrolled in the Breathworks Mindfulness teacher training in 2013 attending the first retreat in October 2013.

My second retreat was in June 2014 & my final retreat in September 2015.

Throughout the period I have explored the Breathworks approach to Mindfulness Meditation.

Tibetan Buddhism

  • Pilgrimage journeys through Tibet: 1997 and 2007
  • Sep 2006 : Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism at Tushita, Dharamsala, India
  • March 2016 : The Four Seals, Bodhicitta and the Wisdom of Emptiness with Geshe Dorji Damdul also at Tushita (12 day retreat).
  • June 2016 : The Way of Shamata with Alan Wallace at Samye Ling Monastery, Scotland

Burmese Mahasi Meditation

I attended a 7 day retreat on pre-Therevada Buddhism and Mahasi practice with Patrick Kearney while at Bodhizendo in 2011.

I also attended a 10 day retreat in the Mahasi tradition at Wat Chomtong in Northern Thailand in 2008.

Thai Anapansati Retreat

I attended a 10 day Anapanasati meditation retreat at Suan Mokkh in Southern Thailand in 2004.

General Background

I have been interested in meditative practices since awakening to them as a student at University in 1989.

I started immediately with practices from India, based around Kundalini Yoga, maintaining a moderate daily practice until 1997 when I came across Vipassana.

At the same time I have studied and read about all major forms of meditation and the spiritual journey over the past twenty five years.

For more information on my Sei Ki background see :

Sei Ki CV

For more information on my Tai Chi background see :

Tai Chi CV


EasternPeace - Zen Mindfulness CV. The Therapeutic work of Anthony Fidler.

Anthony Fidler 2016 - EasternPeace : Zen Mindfulness & Yang Style Tai Chi. I teach daily classes & short workshops wherever I am living as well as running Zen Mindfulness & Yang Style Tai Chi Holidays. I also offer Seiki Bodywork as a one to one therapy and facilitate Sei Ki workshops.
Location : UK & Luxembourg. Zen Mindfulness & Tai Chi Retreats, Holidays & Workshops may be in the UK or around Europe and Thailand.