Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

Welcome to EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness

I am now pleased to be offering three Zen & Mindfulness based courses:

  • Zen Mindfulness for Well-Being : Embracing Life in it Beauty and Pain
  • Zen Mindfulness & Sei Ki Touch for Healing the Soul
  • Mindfulness for Health & Well-being : Going Beyond Stress & Burnout

Zen Mindfulness : Embracing Life in it Beauty and Pain

EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness is Contemporary Zen shared in a spiritual rather than religious context, enriched with the pragmatic teaching framework of the Western Mindfulness teachings.

My classes are influenced by the work of Zen Master Ama Samy, Japanese Ki Master Akinobu Kishi and Brazilian Dance Therapy teacher Pio Campo.

What I offer is a six stage journey exploring what the Buddha's teachings and recent Mindfulness research have to offer as an aid to living a happier, more fulfilling and richer life whatever ones present situation.

This course is relevant to everyone who breathes!

Whether life is kind to us right now or challenging at present, what we all have in common is that absolutely everything we 'have', will be taken away from us at some stage.

Along the way, we will be separated from states of being, experiences, people and objects we love and value and at the same time will attract and experience things we would rather not, usually on a daily basis.

There is nothing we can do about this. And this basic truth of life has been the same for human beings since time began.

How one deals with life though, ones relationship to it and understanding of what it is about make all the difference and this is what we will explore over this time together.

As the Dalai Lama says, "Misery is a Reality, but Suffering is a Choice".

I hope to give people that choice with these sharings.

The titles for the six modules are :

  • “It is Good that You Are!”
  • “You are a Sensitive Human Being, not a Doing!”
  • “You are also the Dark Side!”
  • “Because the Wind loves to Caress the Leaves of the Trees!”
  • “You are 'An Open Heart' – Abide where there is no Abiding!”
  • “Love is all there is!”

This course has much to offer to people dealing with stress, anxiety, mild depression, work related burnout, health issues and manageable mental illnesses.

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Zen Mindfulness & Sei Ki Touch for Healing the Soul

These weekend based intensive workshops are for people who for whatever reason are experiencing deep inner emotional pain, perhaps even the quiet feeling of hopelessness and despair.

We are all unique, with different backgrounds and circumstances that come together to create how our lives are right now. People on previous courses came with varying patterns of childhood and adult trauma. Some grew up in dysfunctional family environments, others were simply sensitive people struggling at times to cope in a very insensitive world.

Each workshop will focus on specific topics, similiar to those in the Zen Mindfulness courses, but we will explore them in more depth, making use of simple Zen Mindfulness sitting, reflection and discussion. There is no need to have an existing meditation practice though this may be helpful. These workshops can act as a development from my introductory Zen Mindfulness for Well-Being course.

I hope not to talk too much beyond guiding the session activity and participating in discussions. This will be a transformative workshop, not a theoretical teaching or a meditation training, though students may learn many things to take away with them.

I will let our silence and simple shared heart resonance say whatever needs to be said.

At times, I will demonstrate Sei Ki Touch within the group, and then we will quietly help each other with it, as this is how we heal ourselves, through giving absolutely everything we have to help another. Love doesn't know one direction!

This is not a therapy group. What we are doing is following a very old tradition. In the end, deep pain and despair are simply a doorway on to the Zen / spiritual path.

When life gives you this kind of experience, it can either cause great suffering which it generally does, or it can be the opening for a beautiful life journey, and I hope to offer people the opportunity for the latter.

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Mindfulness for Health & Well-being : Going Beyond Stress & Burnout

EasternPeace Mindfulness for Health & Well-being is a secular Mindfulness course based on the Mindfulness for Stress programs but with a greater emphasis on grounding and centering in the body, authentic connection and kindness towards oneself and others and developing wise life skills to lead a happier and healthier life.

Through the course we will familiarise ourselves with the most recent Mindfulness models and understanding including how to minimize the risk of Burnout.

As such the course has much to offer to people dealing with stress, anxiety, mild depression, work related burnout, health issues and manageable mental illnesses.

The course is made up of six modules:

  • It is Good that You Are
  • Coming to Our Senses
  • What we Resist Persists
  • The Pleasure of Small Things
  • Let Life Live Through You
  • The Tender Gravity of Kindness

This course will cover the foundations of Mindfulness with a view to exploring how we can live our lives more fully, less hindered by the detrimental effects of stress, over-thinking and anxiety.

We will explore this work through a combination of guided meditation, group discussion, Qi Gong execises and some simple enactments influenced by dance therapy.

More Information :

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