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Anthony Fidler - Chen Tai Chi Single Whip

Anthony Fidler - Chen Tai Chi Single Whip

Tai Chi means different things to different practitioners.

The goal of a student is to find a good teacher with values similar to their own.

I am particularly interested in the therapeutic and meditative aspects of Tai Chi.

I believe when taught in a sensitive and appropriate manner Tai Chi has much to offer people both physically and mentally.

It is far more than just a relaxation exercise though this on its own justifies the activity.

The postures and movements have an implicit naturalness and harmony to them, which when performed reasonably well help the release of tension structures from the body, and hence increase the energy and health of the person.

Emotions are attached to these tension structures and so in its own way Tai Chi, while relaxing the body structure has an emotional impact on the practitioner, creating more space for the individual to deal with reality in a calm and peaceful way.

At the same time it requires conscious movements all the time, and with effort this increases concentration skills and body awareness making you more alive.

This is why I do Tai Chi...

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, Small Circle, High Stance

My Tai Chi is from an old lineage that combines the clean circular movements of Yang Xiao Jia (small circle) with the slow gentle performance common to most Yang Style Tai Chi.

The stance is high and movement is never forced, so it particularly suitable as a health Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Classes, Workshops and Holidays

Tai Chi is a learning journey. Obviously new movements require conscious effort to pick up at the beginning, but the real learning comes at a body level as ones nervous system develops greater sensitivity.

This requires quite a lot of contact with a teacher, as well as daily practise on ones own.

To facilitate this learning I offer:

  • Daytime and Evening Classes : Ideally one attends two classes per week.
  • Weekend Workshops : A more intensive contact time. Possibly residential.
  • Tai Chi Holidays : Total immersion is my preferred option for passing on the Tai Chi.

How do I teach? - Tai Chi Foundations

From my own experience, it has become clear that the key to learning well is to focus on developing a body and mind capable of quality natural movement.

Without this capacity, learning too many movements and forms just becomes an obstacle to progress rather than helping you.

My way to teach is through what I call the Tai Chi Foundations, which comprises:

  • Gentle joint opening exercises
  • The Taoist Ba Duan Jin to open the body fascia
  • Circle Qi Gong exercises to develop Qi sensitivity and explore the upper body shapes of Tai Chi
  • Some Tai Chi meditative walks to explore individual movements
  • A short sequence from the beginning of 24 Form.
  • A short sequence from the beginning of 85 Long Form.

This is enough for the first two years of practice at least and may be sufficient for many people altogether.

Learning the complete forms of Yang 24 and Yang 85/108 Long Form is then just a matter of finding sufficient time together and is not so difficult.

Tai Chi Based Movement Therapy

Having used Tai Chi as a therapy for myself for many years, I am very keen to see it introduced more widely into modern healthcare.

Tai Chi Based Movement Therapy is essentially the same as my Tai Chi Foundations, but with more attention given to adapting the Tai Chi and the teaching method to the therapeutic needs of the focus group being taught.

I anticipate a lot of the 'difference' being in terms of the environment that is naturally created by the individuals as I sensitively adjust the class to fit them.

Ideally classes will consist of individuals with similar conditions and needs.

My Tai Chi Credentials:

My experience of Tai Chi started in a minimal way while at University 1989-92, and then restarted in a life changing way in 1997 when I encountered my first teacher in Southern China.

I practiced every day from then on and returned to China specifically to study in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007 each time staying for 2, 3 or 4 months and having one to one classes each day, generally twice a day. My average training time would be four hours a day, sometimes six.

In 2009, I learnt Traditional Yang Long Form with Small Circles with Yang Dong Bao, letting go of my practice of Beijing Style 24 & 42. We continued our work together through the Autumn of 2010.

My training with Yang Dong Bao continued for further 2-3 month stays in China throughout the Spring and Autumn's of 2011 and 2012 and through the Autumn of 2013. Since November 2014 I have committed to spending a month a year with my teacher.

I now practise Traditional Yang Long Form 85 (Small Frame), soft Chen Style Tai Chi Xiao Jia 64 and a soft Chen Style 74.

I offer teaching in Yang Style 24 and 85 Long Form with an emphasis on the traditional style of movement with small circles.

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