An Introduction to Sei Ki

What is Sei Ki? - Click Here for a short video introduction.

Sei Ki as a Compassion Practice

Sei Ki originated with my teacher Akinobu Kishi, as a high level form of Shiatsu, and the practice goes very deep, but it's opening level is simply about developing the capacity to let go of one's emotional armour and to connect with another person with an open heart.

In doing so, both bodies start to release hormones associated with our emotional soothing state and there is a simple, good feel of really being together. And its the ultimate stress healing.

Our society generally teaches us to touch in superficial ways with people, or in a sexual way with a partner. Perhaps we share hugs with friends sometimes, but we are usually unfamiliar with simple compassionate touch, leaving this to 'professionals'.

Yet I believe there is much we can learn from this practice about our emotional selves and the way we relate to others.

As well as needing to learn how to give care, we often need to learn how to be open to receiving it. Along the way our capacity for empathy with others develops and our emotional intelligence.

We can then take this wisdom with us into every human interaction so it is ultimately for the benefit of everyone we share our lives with.

I teach this practice to people who generally have no interest in working as a professional bodywork therapist and simply want to learn to connect with others with more heart and sensitivity.

Sei Ki as a 'Therapy'

Sei Ki can also be shared in a therapy like format, in which one person with need receives from another with adequate experience and self-development.

Touch is usually very gentle, not pressure based like some Shiatsu and it is given through the clothes usually with the client lying on a futon.

Sessions last about an hour but timing is less important than a feeling of completion. We sometimes need to continue longer as it is unhelpful to stop emotional or physical release midway.

Sei Ki is not specific in being useful for people with a particular problem or illness, rather it can help people to achieve a higher state of aliveness and balance within themselves, and that state may not involve whatever symptoms they experience before coming to the session.

The best thing is to approach it with a sense of open-ness, not weighed down with too much burden of specific expectation.

This isn't easy, but some degree of acceptance of how things are now, along with allowing the space for this to change at the right time is a good way of approaching a session.

It is possible for people to experience change and move on from a single session of Sei Ki with me, but there can be deeper benefits from taking a series of treatments. This depends on the individual.

One has to experience Sei Ki to know what it is, cognitive descriptions never satisfy. Only then are there no more questions.

I offer Sei Ki private treatments in Luxembourg.

If you want to find out more than please Contact Me.

There is a longer essays on Sei Ki here...



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