Sei Ki, Tai Chi & Yoga : Going beyond Technique in Therapeutic Relationship : Thailand - Koh Yao Noi, 21st-28th Jan 2017

Koh Yao Noi, near Phuket, Thailand

Koh Yao Noi, near Phuket, Thailand

A 7 Day Workshop for Therapists (or students) cultivating Ki Sensitivity (life energy), Empathy and the capacity to offer Resonance Based Healing within your treatments.

Therapeutic techniques for helping another person to be more comfortable within their body and mind are widespread and diverse in nature, but at the heart of the effectiveness of every method, is the quality of the therapist's Ki, which they bring to their work and the quality of the resonance relationship that forms between them and their client.

In this workshop we will work to develop both of these capacities.

Hara / Ki Development

Anthony teaching Sei Ki at Island Yoga

Anthony teaching Sei Ki at Island Yoga

We will explore several practices:

  • Zen Sitting - Learning to be with yourself.
  • Japanese Kotodama - Sound Healing for clearing emotions and emptying the mind
  • Japanese Gyoki - Breathing by Hands and spontaneous Ki Movement
  • Katsugen Undo - Regenerative Movement from the Hara.
  • Morning Tai Chi & Qi Gong, afternoon Yoga

You are only able to share with your clients what you have within yourself, and so the first and most important work is to cultivate our own Ki, purifying and strengthening it.

Natural Resonance based Therapy

Anthony giving a Sei Ki treatment

Anthony giving a Sei Ki treatment

  • Emptying oneself & Magnifying ones Ki
  • Establishing Resonance and Trust
  • First touch and following the client's Ki process
  • A simple touch form to learn with, to be abandoned whenever appropriate.

Nb. The goal with this practice is to help us to develop our own natural way of working with our clients, not to create some additional kind of technique system, although you can model my personal style if you like.

Whatever techniques you eventually bring to your work is up to you, but the quality of your touch and the openness that the clients meets you with, will be much deeper.

The bay in front of our resort.

The bay in front of our resort.

This work has evolved from the teachings of Akinobu Kishi, who was known first as the demonstrator for Masunaga Sensei's Zen Shiatsu, but went on to spend his life developing what he called "Sei Ki", a spiritual path of self development through meeting others in therapeutic relationship.

This workshop is an introduction to his work which goes very deep. I will share what I can of it with you in the time available. There is no connection to Reiki. It's roots are in the Shinto tradition especially Katsugen Undo or Regenerative Movement from the hara.

When this is part of who we are, it is shared with the client through our touch. No two treatments are the same, some people will be still with change happening deep within, others will make spontaneous movements or sound as their body adjusts and heals itself guided by its own intelligence.

Many practitioners ultimately use a combination of Sei Ki and technique based practices in their therapeutic work depending on the needs of the client.

About my Traditional Small Circle Tai Chi

Traditional Small Circle Tai Chi is incredibly gentle, with more emphasis placed on the yin aspects of Tai Chi than the larger frame Tai Chi systems.

It is ideal for facilitating deeper relaxation and nourishing inner vitality and so is an ideal complement to Sei Ki and bodywork in general.

You need to be clean within your energy field to be able to help your clients and at the same time need to be able to rebalance yourself afterwards.

Tai Chi with a View!

Tai Chi with a View!

The Tai Chi goal of these retreats is provide a high quality introduction to the Tao centred movement system of Tai Chi.

Syllabus :

  • The Taoist Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong
  • Spiral Qi Gong Silk Reeling
  • The Foundations of Tai Chi Natural Tao Movement
  • A short Tai Chi Form (Tai Chi 6) derived from Yang 24 in Traditional Small Circle Style

Participants will be able to take away useful tools to build a short personal daily practice of their own, possibly as a complement to an existing yoga practice.

We will train mostly in the gardens of Thakhao Bungalow Resort. With the islands of Phang Nga Bay in view out to sea, this has to be one of the most amazing settings to practice Tai Chi in the World!

Anthony Fidler

Anthony Fidler

About Anthony :

Anthony is British, a graduate of Cambridge University and is 45 years old. He has spent much of his adult life in India, Thailand & China exploring Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi, Vipassana & Zen Meditation & many different styles of therapy and bodywork. His main teachers are Akinobu Kishi for Sei Ki, Yang Dong Bao for Tai Chi, & Father Ama Samy for Zen.

He started professional therapeutic training in 1997 with the London School of Massage, and then moved on to training in Shiatsu with the ESS in the UK. He switched back to Swedish styles in 2004, finally qualifying in Aromatherapy with Gabriel Mojay. His specialist interest was in emotional work and mental health care.

He first met Akinobu Kishi in 2004 and worked with him along with fellow students from then on until his death in 2012. Anthony now offers Sei Ki as a private treatment for his clients. He has been teaching Sei Ki based worshops in Thailand for the past three years and more recently in Europe.

He has also been learning Thai massage over the past couple of years in Chiang Mai and is interested to see how it influences his Sei Ki.

Anthony also teaches Zen Mindfulness and brings this depth into all of his work.

Workshop Details

Sei Ki & Tai Chi taught by Anthony Fidler. Yoga hosted by Island Yoga.

Location: Island Yoga, Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Group Size : Sei Ki classes maximum 12 people, Tai Chi maximum 8 people. So please book early if you wish to secure a place on this workshop.

The Sei Ki Workshop will be taught at Island Yoga. We will practice Tai Chi & Qi Gong together each morning and then join in Island Yoga's light yoga class each afternoon.

Sei Ki Session Timing - 16 hrs:

  • 22 Jan : 11.30-13.30 & 14.15-16.15
  • 23 Jan : 11.30-13.30 & 14.15-16.15
  • 24 Jan : 11.30-13.30
  • 25 Jan : 11.30-13.30
  • 26 Jan : 11.30-13.30
  • 27 Jan : 11.30-13.30

Cost: Sei Ki 6 day Workshop : 150 Eur - Sei Ki Tuition Only (excl. transport, accommodation, board, Tai Chi & yoga at the resort).

Nb. I will be offering private Sei Ki treatments in the afternoons.

Tai Chi & Yoga Program Timing

  • 21 Jan : Yoga 16.30-18.00
  • 22 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Yoga 16.30-18.00
  • 23 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Yoga 16.30-18.00
  • 24 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Tai Chi 16.30-17.30
  • 25 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Tai Chi 16.30-17.30
  • 26 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Tai Chi 16.30-17.30
  • 27 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00 & Tai Chi 16.30-17.30
  • 28 Jan : Tai Chi 7.00-8.00

Nb. I encourage students to practice the Tai Chi by themselves after the class.

The price for the Tai Chi Qi Gong & Yoga package is 220 Eur.

It is also possible to book the Sei Ki workshop alongside an Island Yoga 'Yoga' package, or as a standalone without my Tai Chi.


I would encourage students to book into Baan Thakhao Bungalow Resort where we will do the Tai Chi. It may be possible to stay at the resort next door as well: Koh Yao Seaview.

Nb. Baan Thakhao's website doesn't do the location justice, it is beautiful!


Payments for the Sei Ki part of the Workshop can be made by credit card on Paypal which is secure.

Sei Ki Course Fee : 150 Eur

Tai Chi & Yoga Course Fee : 220 Eur

Nb. Your payment secures your place on the course. Refund is at our discretion and may be subject to administration fees.

Please Contact Me before making a payment to check there is still space on the retreat. Thank you.


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