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- My mental health work is now hosted on a new website: SensitiveBeing

- Online "Embodied Mindfulness through Qi Gong and the Tai Chi Foundations"

Thursday evening classes 7.15pm-8.30pm (UK time) : £15 / session. Max 5 people on Zoom. Contact Me to book your place

Anthony Fidler

Anthony Fidler

My name is Anthony Fidler. I'm a practitioner of Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi and have had a lifelong passion for Buddhist meditation, especially Vipassana and Zen.

I have also had an extensive 'spiritual' journey dealing with my personal emotional and mental health and over the years gained deep insights into working with trauma, anxiety and what is generally called spiritual emergency / psychosis.

I organise Zen Mindfulness, Tai Chi & Sei Ki HeartTouch workshops, holidays and retreats around Europe and Thailand, sometimes combined with my expertise in the mental health field.

I also offer Sei Ki Touch sessions on a private therapy basis and am especially interested in working with clients experiencing: trauma, abuse, anxiety disorders and psychosis.

I give lectures aimed at helping people understand the experience of 'psychosis' and 'madness' and the possibilities of growing out of a susceptibility to these states without resorting to medication. Click here for details.

I tend to move between London, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg but am open to invitations to share my work anywhere. I taught a workshop on Mindfulness for Psychosis in Brazil in 2017.

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I am in the process of creating a new website for my mental health related work. Visit sensitiveBeing


- Sei Ki HeartTouch at Kientaler Hof, Switzerland. 23th-25th September 2022 More...

What is EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness?

I offer Zen Mindfulness as a support for physical and mental health and well-being as well as a spiritual path relevant to the needs of modern life.

Bodhizendo Zen Centre

Bodhizendo Zen Centre

  • Traditional Zen shared in a spiritual but non-religious context
  • Informed by Western Mindfulness teaching and relevant to the 'real' world.
  • Japanese Hara based practices for authentic aliveness.
  • An experiential exploration of the work inspired by Authentic Movement & Dance.

As the Dalai Lama says, "Misery is a Reality, but Suffering is a Choice".

I hope to give people that choice with these sharings.

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Anthony teaching Tai Chi in Thailand

Anthony teaching Tai Chi in Thailand

What is EasternPeace Tai Chi?

  • A Connected Meditation - eyes open, body active, mind connected with the external world yet still and quiet.
  • Therapeutic Movement, not Performance work or the Martial arts
  • Quality of Movement not Quantity...
  • Movement at its most Gentle with full Mindfullness.
  • A whole new way to experience and explore life in a body.

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What is Sei Ki HeartTouch? - Click Here for a short video introduction.

Sei Ki HeartTouch in Switzerland

Sei Ki HeartTouch in Switzerland

Sei Ki HeartTouch as a Mindfulness & Touch based Compassion Training

Sei Ki is a Ki Therapy from Japan related to Shiatsu. The practice goes very deep, but it's opening level is simply about developing the capacity to let go of one's emotional armour and to connect with another person with an open heart. I call this HeartTouch.

When this heart connection is made, both bodies start to release hormones associated with our emotional soothing state and there is a simple, good feeling of being together. It is the ultimate stress healing.

At the same time, the practice provides amazing opportunities for Mindfuless based growth as we learn more about ourselves in relationship to others.

I teach this practice both to therapists and to people who simply want to learn to connect with others and themselves with more heart and sensitivity.

All workshops I share are open to both therapists seeking to enhance their capacity to work with others and to those with their own personal difficulties.

'Sei Ki HeartTouch' workshops focus more on training therapists.

'HeartTouch' workshops focus more on supporting the journeys of individuals with personal difficulties. There may be specific focuses such as physical / emotional pain or anxiety / psychosis.

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Sei Ki Treatments

Anthony giving Sei Ki

Anthony giving Sei Ki

The foundation of Sei Ki is the capacity to give total, sustained, non-judgemental attention to another person, while at the same time not losing connection with oneself. This relationship allows the receiver to experience themselves with far greater clarity than is usual for them and this facilitates growth and change.

The touch can be on or off the body, but when on the body it is usually gentle, not pressure based and is given through the clothes like Shiatsu or Thai Massage.

Sessions are often 'interesting'. I simply work with and facilitate whatever movement (or stillness) wants to come through, allowing the body to find a higher state of balance within itself.

And this usually feels great afterwards...

I am especially interested in working with clients experiencing trauma, abuse, anxiety disorders and psychosis, although anyone interested in working with me is welcome.

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I have not been collecting testimonials from my clients over the years, just the warm hugs afterwards. I will share a few now.

Sei Ki Treatment: 'I wanted to thank you once again for letting me get to know These feelings. I could have lifted you up in joy a hundred times, spinned you around like a child, kissed your cheek a hundred times, hugged you for a hundred breathes...thank you very much!' Joanna.

Zen Mindfulness Course: 'Thank you very much, it took me a long way to deal with my "anxiety". You and your sessions were playing a big role on this by bringing me more close the concept of mindfulnees and learning me some exercices I can easily integrate in my daily life. Thank you very much for this. I never told you how greatful I'am that I had the chance to meet you, but I think it since a while!' Marc

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Burnout: Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body. I also loved the compassionate touch practices & I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity. Monica


Anthony Fidler 2016 - EasternPeace : Zen Mindfulness & Yang Style Tai Chi. I teach daily classes & short workshops wherever I am living as well as running Zen Mindfulness & Yang Style Tai Chi Holidays. I also offer Seiki Bodywork as a one to one therapy and facilitate Sei Ki workshops.
Location : UK & Luxembourg. Zen Mindfulness & Tai Chi Retreats, Holidays & Workshops may be in the UK or around Europe and Thailand.